Islamabad- The high security alert across the country ensured that Yaum-e-Ashur passed peacefully. The cellular services, suspended under security arrangements, have been restored.

Meantime, the pillion riding ban also came to a close after three days. Special security measures were taken to avert any sabotage activity on Tenth of Muharram. Several cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi had to suffer ban on pillion riding and cellular services. Meantime, control rooms were set up to monitor the mourning processions. At the same time, aerial monitoring was also maintained. Pakistan Army was on standby in major cities. And, thousands of troops from the rangers and police forces, formed security details to stand guard on sensitive points. The roads opening up into the routes of the central processions were blocked with shipping containers. Ace snipers were stationed on the high-rises along the routes of the processions. Sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squad continued their work throughout the day to search the routes. Spy cameras were also capitalized to inspect the sensitive places.