Adele regrets “hanging out” with blur star Damon Albarn as she worked on her comeback album because the experience wasn’t what she thought it would be. The odd couple hit the studio together and tried to work on new material, but the union wasn’t productive. Albarn and Adele didn’t even complete one track and the Blur singer subsequently admitted he thought the Rolling in the Deep singer was “insecure”. “It ended up being one of those ‘don’t meet your idol’ moments,” Adele tells Rolling Stone. “And the saddest thing was that I was such a big Blur fan growing up. But it was sad, and I regret hanging out with him.

“None of it was right. None of it suited my record. He said I was insecure, when I’m the least-insecure person I know. I was asking his opinion about my fears, about coming back with a child involved - because he has a child - and then he calls me insecure?” The Hello singer admits she’s curious to know if she would still be as successful if she was thinner. “Would I show my body off if I was thinner?” she muses to Rolling Stone. “Probably not, because my body is mine. But sometimes I’m curious to know if I would have been as successful if I wasn’t plus-size.

“I think I remind everyone of themselves. Not saying everyone is my size, but it’s relatable because I’m not perfect, and I think a lot of famous people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable and untouchable.” “I’ve been asked ‘Would you do Playboy?’ so many times, it’s ridiculous,” she adds. “Is that because I’m a woman or because I’m fat?”