I am writing in response to a story published on your news portal titled, “Government continues to collect tax on mobile internet”. I would like to begin by applauding Narendra Modi’s visit to the States this past week. If reports are to be believed, our neighbors have further invested in high-speed internet for the facilitation of the have-nots; while it’s disheartening to see that our country has decided to play an entirely opposite role by imposing tax on high speed internet.

India’s initiative clearly is to bridge the digital gap between the haves and have-nots. But it seems like our government has not learnt anything from our neighboring country. Levying tax on mobile internet not only limits its access to all classes of users but also impedes personal and economic growth. Moreover, in recently aired news on BBC titled “Broadband tax hits Pakistan internet users” is nothing short of grim and a negative stain on the government’s policies. The news story showcases how a digital divide has already been imposed through this mobile internet tax, which in the long run will have negative repercussions on the internet growth across the country.

I believe that we as users have a right to tax-free mobile internet. A technology revolution is only possible when free internet is available to everyone in the country. I request the government to follow our neighbor’s example by exempting tax on mobile internet and not just see the growth of the economy, but of the society as well.


Karachi, October 6.