PM has just returned from 10 day trip to attend UN General Assembly, where he made a good speech, elaborating Pakistan’s viewpoint. It however has brought dismay to a lot of his supporters, who think that all this could have been achieved within three days and certainly this large delegation of over 72 members had no role to perform, other than holidaying on state expense of a nation under debt, fighting a war against terrorism. Yet in wisdom of their elected PM he could remain out of country for over 10 days. People of Pakistan have a right to know what was the specific role of each member of this large delegation which was funded by taxpayers. The success or failure of these frequent trips made by those holding public office can be gauged by our diplomatic isolation, almost negligible direct foreign investment, excluding China Economic corridor.

This country can ill-afford elected political leaders whose lifestyle replicates royalty, are billionaires with vast business interests spread all over globe, from Dubai to Jeddah to UK and Far East and yet would like this poor nation to fund their frequent trips to meet family living abroad. Why should any foreign visit have a prolonged stopover in London? His predecessor made weekly trips to Dubai in addition to numerous visits to London or France or USA. At end of October the PM will be proceed on a rare official visit, at invitation of US President and intends to fly on B777, capable to make a non-stop flight from Islamabad to Washington and hopefully not carry free loaders, but a delegation of officials who have a role to perform. People have a right to know?


Sukkur, October 7.