DHARKI/RAHIM YAR KHAN -  PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that accountability needs to begin from the prime minister and the premier needs to present himself for ‘democratic accountability’.

Addressing a public rally in Dharki yesterday, he said “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will now have to present himself for accountability and the accountability needs to be democratic,” said the PPP chief.

Bilawal said he was not accusing the prime minister of corruption, but the evidence brought forth in the Panama Papers reveals his corruption for all to see.

The PPP chairman said the current policies pursued by the Nawaz Sharif government were the worst in the history of the country, which had divided the people.

“We need the people to be united, but your flawed policies have divided the people,” said Bilawal, addressing Nawaz Sharif. The PPP chairman also warned the prime minister that he was neither a monarch nor is Raiwind the throne of Pakistan. “Pakistan is a democracy, not a monarchy, you are a prime minister and not a king,” he told Sharif.

Bilawal also censured the current government over lack of transparency and answers to the questions raised in the parliament and the Senate. He also asked why the inquiry report was not made public after attacks on the national institutions.

“You will have to answer the people, you have never answered the people,” Bilawal said, again addressing Nawaz.

The PPP chairman also said big public development schemes should be transparent and noncontroversial.

Bilawal also questioned Nawaz’s ‘friendship’ with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “We do not know what benefit you get from your friendship with Modi,” he remarked.

He said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hatching conspiracies, but the government and Nawaz Sharif were silent.

He said the prime minister had failed to win international community’s support against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. The PPP chairman said: “I want to neutralise Modi’s conspiracies against Pakistan.”

Earlier on Thrusday, Bilawal said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan might surrender on the issue of the Panama leaks, but the PPP would fight for accountability.

The PPP scion also said the Panama leaks were the world’s biggest corruption scandal and Nawaz Sharif would have to be held accountable for it.

Bilawal, following the carnage at Quetta Police Training College, also visited the injured cadets earlier this month and was seen crying after the visit.

Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari accused Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf of leading the country to the international Isolation.

He also warned his party would not let the proposed judicial commission on the Panama leaks scandal work if Aitzaz Ahsan’s bill was not approved.

The PPP chairman warned Imran Khan that he would also seek a minus-one formula in PTI if the former cricketer demanded the same in PPP.

“Uncle Imran, enough is enough, people have tolerated a lot,” he said and accused the PTI chairman of working in connivance with Hamid Gul and Shuja Pasha, the former bosses of the country’s principal intelligence service.

Reacting to Bilawal's remarks, PTI leader Imran Ismail said, “It is has become a common practice that politicians criticise the army generals after their retirement,” he said.

When asked to comment on Bilawal’s comments about the Panama leaks bill, the PTI leader said it contained terms of references agreed by all the opposition parties.

“Only an arrow could kill a lion. The son of Benazir Bhutto will topple the throne of Raiwind with the help of the masses,” he said.

On this occasion, former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, former Sindh Chief Minister Sayed Qaim Ali Shah, senior minister and PPP Sindh president, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Sain Sadhu Ram and others addressed the gathering.

Later, addressing a party workers’ gathering at Jamaldin Wali, the PPP chairmen said if Nawaz Sharif wanted to remain the prime minister till 2018, he should meet his four demands otherwise a movement would be started against the government. He predicted general elections would be held in 2017 and added PPP which wanted democratic accountability would give a safe passage to Nawaz Sharif to flee.

Earlier, a press conference of Bilawal was scheduled at 10am, but journalists were told that it would begin at 12pm. But Bilawal, instead of holding the press conference, started addressing the workers’ gathering. Later, former Prime Minister Syed Yausaf Raza Gillani addressed the press conference. He claimed district council chairman of Rahim Yar Khan would be from PPP and that the name of Makhdoom Syed Ali Mehmood had been nominated for this slot.

PPP Bahawalpur division president and former MNA Javed Warraich who joined the workers’ gathering along with 12 UC chairmen was not allowed to sit on the stage, on which he got angry and sat on the ground with the UC chairmen.