KARACHI - Mayor of Kibichou Town of Japan , Yamamoto Masanori has said that despite all the negative advisories and different instructions from the authorities concerned to avoid visiting Karachi, he preferred visiting this city, was a secure, peaceful, exciting and one of the most vibrant cities of Pakistan with a very bright future.

Exchanging views with KCCI office-bearers and Managing Committee members during his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japanese mayor highlighted various products and services available in Kibichou town and said that the purpose of his visit was to look for opportunities of exchanging goods and services between Karachi and Kibichou town in order to enhance trade and further improve relations between the two countries.

He also advised Karachi Chamber to send a delegation to Kibichou town which was a Muslims-friendly town , geographically located in the center of Okayama prefecture. “Besides agricultural production, two major industrial zones are also situated in Kibichou town where some blue chip companies have settled their factories and Halal food manufacturers are also active in this town”, he said.

President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo, while commenting on Pakistan-Japan ties, said both countries have been enjoying healthy bilateral economic relations since 1952 and the strong relations can be gauged from the fact that at present, over 76 Japanese companies were operating in Pakistan.

He said that trade volume between Pakistan and Japan was recorded at $1.6 billion during FY2015-16, of which Pakistan’s exports stood at $197 million and imports were approximately $1.4 billion whereas the overall trade volume was largely in favor of Japan .

He was of the view that there was a huge potential to enhance bilateral trade relations between Japan and Pakistan as Japan fulfills its large share of grain, textile and surgical goods demand through imports. Hence, Pakistan can tap these segments by exporting its products to Japan which would further boost the bilateral trade volume between the two countries. Pakistan and Japan must also look for joint ventures in automobile sector by providing training assistance, he added.

He stressed that the project of Karachi Circular Railway should be implemented on fast track as it is a worthwhile investment project which would facilitate Karachi’s commuters with much desired improved transport services, and would also be more environment friendly.