This is in reference to M Bilal Sarwar’s letter ‘Dumping of abundant water’ in The Nation on October 5. According to the article, India was given three eastern rivers with an annual flow of 33 maf, and Pakistan got the remaining 135 maf, plus dams, barrages and link canals as part of the ‘Indus Basin Replacement Works’ to store surplus flood water and transfer it to affected canals in northern and southern Punjab. Through these water resources, Pakistan was assumed to make up the loss of 33 maf in the eastern rivers and the 3.6 maf allowed to India in the western rivers. Pakistan built only two dams of 15 maf capacity, which is already less by 30% due to siltation, although 2.88 maf has been added by raising of Mangla dam India with its 33 maf has built three major dams which have benefited four provinces, including Eastern Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India has used every drop of water to enhance its hydroelectric power as well as agricultural production capabilities and is able to export crops to its neighbours. The day is not far off when we will be buying food from India.


Lahore, October 5.