PESHAWAR -  Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez khattak , while castigating leader of mqm Altaf Hussain for his anti-Pakistan stance, has said the negative politics, anti-state design and corruption of these people are now exposed and they will face dire consequences of their wrong deeds.

The CM KP, while commenting on the resolution presented by mqm in the Sindh Assembly against him, said that these people must have a glance over their wrong deeds before pointing fingers at others. He said that these people have admitted their enmity with the country. They have been exposed now and can no more deceive the people, he added.

Showing his reaction against mqm resolution in Sindh Assembly, the KP CM said that all citizens of the country knew political character of mqm as it has worked for creating hatred in the country and has always facilitated the anti-state elements.

He said that PTI workers were proceeding peacefully to Islamabad on the call of their leader Imran Khan and were subjected to violence by the federal government. He hoped that there will be accountability of the federal government and the affected workers will find justice.

The chief minister said due to this negative character, the mqm has been divided. He said that now there was a clear division between positive and negative people. He said that now people can clearly differentiate between friends and enemies. He said that such people can no more misguide the people.

khattak said that mqm was product of a dictator and has no capacity to understand problems of the people. He went on to say that these people never believed in welfare of people and were interested only in their vested interests. He said that PTI has challenged their negative character and was struggling against their corruption.

He said that common man was supporting PTI and it will continue its struggle for elimination of anti-state and anti-social elements.