Pakistan is a which gives more value to the well to do people where there is no value for those who are being pushed around day by day. In Balochistan poor people are facing so many problems and poverty is the main problem could be the biggest cause of violence and illiteracy. Balochistan despite being the lowest populated province in the country, more than 52 percent of its population lives below the poverty line and nearly one-third of its population is unemployed. The question arises that is it the development of our CPEC that 1600000 children are out of schooling? Is it the development of us that children are working instead of getting a splendid quality of education? What we are seeing is that child labour is thriving instead of decreasing and poverty is increasing. In Balochistan there are so many educated females who are being overlooked by the government. Despite of getting jobs they are not getting rights that the foundation rights of every individual is to gain a fetching quality of education. There is no apex in our education system, and what I think it is being made worst day by day and not showing a positive or picture of our society. Furthermore, it is so painful to me to mention that Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan where people are facing the poverty problems. This is my humble request to all citizens of Balochistan and Pakistan to be united in overcoming this ominous issue in our country where everyone must live peacefully, and must not face these kinds of tormenting issues. The food for thought is the basis of requirements of everyone so for this our government need to provide foods for those people are are down-and-out.

Munaj Baloch,

Turbat, October 5.