KARACHI - Federal Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has said Pakistan People Party (PPP) has vanished from Punjab for its wrong doing even there is no sign of the PPP in Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and other parts of the county.

Minister Railway expressed these views at meet the press event at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Friday. Criticising Pakistan People Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhuttoo Zardari, Saad said that Bilawal should focus on its party internal matter as more wrong polices of the PPP might vanish it from the entire county.

Once Punjab was consider being the strong hold PPP but now it has vanished from the province even it has no presence in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. Further wrong polices might end the PPP politics in country, said Rafique. Bilawal should not teach us democracy, as history remind us about the actions of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto‘s federal security forces, he added.   

He said: “What PML-Nawaz should do if PPP leader Atizaz Ehsan gets only 250 votes; it is due to your-(Bilawal) erroneous strategy that has failed you miserably in Punjab”.

You-(Bilawal) were speaking out loud against the opponents but have forgotten it would become a big issue if the others speak the truth about you. You carry a big baggage and you should not take the talks to that peak, he added.

Further pointing out toward the negligence of the PPP led provincial government in Sindh, Federal Minister said that ignorance and laziness of the provincial rulers has turned the port city into a garbage dump. PPP is responsible for the destruction of Karachi he said however appreciated the working of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah over his rapid working. 

There is no need to be disappointed, railway system in country might be old but it is not unsafe said Minister Railway while talking to the media men after visiting the train accident site in Karachi. He said that the accident resulted due to the human error but final reasons would be disclosed after the investigation report of the accident. Investigation were underway and would be completed in eight days, he added.

He said many of the officials were suspended over the incident and government will take strict action against the responsible as the punishment would not let the employees to repeat mistakes that result death of innocent people. He informed that railway signals were properly working while the driver avoided the red signal and also violated the over speeding.

Minister said that railway is already in financial crisis and the occurrence of the accidents has also increased loss. He said that some media persons on media were spreading disappointment amount the masses, railway system might be old but it is not unsafe. Later federal minister Railway inaugurated the double railway tracks between Bin Qasim and Port Qasim.