Islamabad - CEO RIS & Rector MIUC Walid Mushtaq has set a foundation of an excellent learning opportunity namely the ‘Exchange for Change’ Programme Belarus-Pakistan 2016 - Empowering global opportunities in education.

Walid said he had an academic partnership visit to Belarus that is an enlightening experience for collaboration in the field of education, says a press release issued here yesterday.

During his visit he had an extensive meeting with many government officials of Republic of Belarus including deputy prime minister, ministers of culture, higher education, deputy minister of education, and rectors & chancellors of leading universities.

During his productive visit, he has signed many exclusive & extensive frameworks of partnership & cooperation agreements with government of Belarus to take our cooperation to next level of engagement benefitting bi-lateral social, cultural, knowledge, education ties between both countries. It will usher a new era of education driven transformational partnership between Pakistan & Belarus. Moreover he has signed strategic partnerships between Metropolitan International University College & The Republican Institute for Vocational Education, Belarus to develop academic and cultural interchange in the areas of education, research and other activities, agree to cooperate and work together towards the internationalization of vocational education.

He has signed memorandum of understanding between Metropolitan International university College & Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics Minsk, Belarus to encourage exchange of academics, joint research projects and administrative staff for experience exchange, training, & scientific cooperation. Belarus Education Minister invited the Pakistani students to visit Belarus. He said: We are interested in distance learning. We hope that we can build together “educational bridge” between the two countries and universities.

The delegation of 50 students and staff members will be visiting Belarus for expedition.  The special immersion program is aimed at encouraging the intercultural exchange between Roots International Schools and the partner schools in Belarus. The most important lever in this program is the student-to-student relationship-building.

The overarching exchange experience and international learning will propel students towards acceptance and understanding of Belarus culture and community perspectives.

Language acquisition will be achieved through practical immersion. Hence, the focus will be on awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning and development of analytical and problem solving skills with enhanced interest in global issues.