KNANEWAL - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, continuing his tirade against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and PPP, claiming the parliament had protected Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing a public meeting in Shabbir Stadium, Khanewal on Saturday, Imran said the PPP and PML-N have fixed their turns. PML-N has been ruling the country for 30 years and looting resources of the nation with both hands. The incumbent government has destroyed the national institutions like PIA. He added direct flights to New York have recently been stopped. He said the Supreme Court of Pakistan has disqualified Nawaz Sharif, questioning him how he is claiming there will be no minus-Nawaz Sharif formula.

Imran Khan said a democratic setup guarantees supremacy of the law, which is not the case in the present situation of the country. He added the sitting government is giving VVIP protocol to the disqualified prime minister and his family. He further said Nawaz Sharif had failed to provide a single document as evidence to the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case. The Supreme Court gave complete chance to Nawaz Sharif to justify how he sent Rs 300 billion abroad, but he lied and failed to present a single document as evidence, he claimed. “When the JIT (joint investigation team) was formed, even then no evidence was provided by the Sharif family to substantiate their claims, Imran asserted.

The PTI chief asked PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi why a criminal is being given protocol, terming Abbasi the weakest and s spineless prime minister of Pakistan. He urged the PM to become bold and do something for the goodwill and repute of the Abbasi family.

The PTI chairman alleged the PML-N leaders have looted the country and their greediness has no bounds; they have no interest in solving problems of the people; they cannot understand demands of the poor and middle-class people of the country, who are living a miserable life.

Reiterating his promises, Khan said he will improve the police system, bring radical changes in health, infrastructure and education sectors of all the provinces of Pakistan without any discrimination after coming to power. He claimed he will also provide jobs to educated youngsters, because unemployment is the major issue of the nation, especially South Punjab. Citing the progress of China, he said Chinese made policies for the development and progress of the poor and not for the rich community. He said it should be regarded as Allah Almighty’s blessing that the nation is aware of what is going wrong with the country.

Khan alleged five judges of the Supreme Court have disqualified Nawaz Shareef, but he is saying he is not guilty. Shahid khaqan Abbasi allocated Rs 940 million to distribute among MNAs, he alleged. He said there was no conspiracy against Nawaz Sharif, but it was God’s justice. “Pakistan is full of resources; if there is an honest government youth will get jobs in their own country and will not need to go abroad. Overseas Pakistanis have a lot of money abroad, but they don't invest their money in Pakistan due to corruption.

Shah Mahmod Qureshi, Jahangir Tarin, Attaullah Eisakhailwi, Sardar Ahmed Yar Hiraj and Rana Muhammad Saleem also addressed the public meeting.

Earlier, Imran Khan reached the venue of the rally from Multan along with other his party leaders, Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Ishaq Khakwani, Aamir Dogar, singer Attaullah Eesakhailwi and others.

PTI candidates for PP-214 and PP-215, Mehar Imran Dhool and Rana Muhammad Saleem, candidate for NA-157, former federal minister Hamid Yar Hiraj, his brother, former district nazim Ahmad Yar Hiraj and Col (r) Abid Shah Khagga had arranged this public meeting. The other PTI activists who were present there included Sheikh Ehtesham Latif, PTI district president Pir Zahoor Qureshi, Syed Khawar Ali Shah, union council chairmen, Iftikhar Nikyana Advocate, Faisal Akram Niazi, Shahida Malika, Kaleem Ullah Niazi, Rao Usama Akram and Tahir Shah Khagga.