It is apparent that we are a sick minded society who has no morals. We are morally deranged and corrupt. We are the people who have to cuff their water glasses to water cooler. We are hollow men with no humanity. Despite all of this, it was ever said that the water cooler belonged to anyone. People usually donate huge sums of money to such causes and many organizations work for such noble things. Everyone says that our social situation is a state of chaos. It is the same as optimists calling the glass half full which seems half empty to pessimists.  

Since a few days, some tweets by a filmmaker are doing rounds on social media. Everybody is talking about harassment and unprofessional behavior of Pakistani people. This filmmaker got two Academy Awards also known as Oscars, for her documentaries. Many say that she earned them by maligning Pakistan and our society. Despite this mess, there is a need to be optimistic. All public figures are requested to only share the bright side of our society. Our youth is full of potential which shouldn’t be wasted for cheap individual publicity. 


Lahore, November 1.