ISLAMABAD -  Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb responding to Imran's tirade against PML-N government and Sharif family at a public rally Saturday said that his rhetoric was saturated with vulgarity, lies, defamatory allegations and maligning the state institutions.

Talking to a private TV channel and in a statement issued here, she said that entire Pakistan was wary of his persistent lies but he was not tired of fabricating them.

The MOS said that according to Imran Khan the touchstone for performance was telling lies, hurling allegations, using abusive language, being rude to others, attacking PTV and parliament and harassing the women. The minister pointing out the vacillating stance of Imran Khan regarding rigging said that sometimes he said that a certain Brigadier manipulated victory for PML-N in the 2013 elections and at another time he attributed it to a certain general. The minister said that Imran had been trying to make Army and Judiciary controversial but nobody had taken any action against him. She said that only God knew what kind of frustration had forced PTI to adopt Maryam Nawaz's slogan stop me if you can?

The minister referring to Imran's remarks about pollution in Punjab said that Peshawar was number one as far as pollution was concerned because during the last four years he had done nothing except lying and addressing public rallies. She said that the rate of deforestation in KPK had gone up to 12 percent during the last four years which was the highest in the country due to which entire Pakistan was being affected by the climate change and the floods. She said that due to the incompetence of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government people were dying throughout the country in the floods triggered by deforestation in the province adding who would be accountable for that criminal negligence?

The minister said that Imran had not been able to unlock the Ehtsab commission in KPK but was talking in terms of taking the responsibility of the entire country. The minister asked Imran that how many suggestion he had given during the last four years to fix the problems afflicting PIA?

Marriyum wondered as to why he had stepped up his public rallies and posed the question, was he not waiting for umpire's finger like in 2014?

Referring to Imran's relentless campaign of hurling allegations she said that he was a mentally deranged person and one could only pray for him.