Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Health Khawaja Imran Nazir has said people should not worry about smog.

Distributing masks and handbills for creating awareness at Chowk Istanbol Saturday, he delivered a lecture on precautionary measures. “Face masks should be used to avoid negative impacts. the Health Department is distributing masks and awareness literature among the citizens and community should also play their role in controlling the environmental pollution,” he said.

Imran Nazir said that due to burning of paddy stubble in east Punjab and smoke generated by factories and old vehicles, use of poor quality fuel and tyres by the industrial units, are the basic cause behind the increase of pollution. He said that as citizens it is our collective responsibility to make our atmosphere healthy and avoid such activities which are the basic cause for increasing pollution.  He said that the his department will distribute two lakh masks among the citizens of Lahore as a token to emphasis the need foir adopting preventive measures. He said that awareness literature is also being distributed among citizens.