ISLAMABAD - Unnerved by the whirlwind rallies by PTI chief Imran Khan across the plains of Punjab, still considered the powerbase of the PML-N, the ruling party has decided to come out with counter narrative to neutralise the ‘negative propaganda’ against former prime minister and his family.

Sources in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said that since the London huddle of select leaders the party leadership has kept on brainstorming on dealing with the turmoil facing the PML-N both at political and legal fronts and building a narrative to keep its popularity intact.

They believe the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has entered into election mode a bit earlier and have expressed serious concerns over the hard-hitting speeches and accusations on Sharif family by PTI leadership in their public rallies— mainly focusing the central and southern Punjab districts.

So after detailed deliberations over this PTI onslaught and other recent political developments the ruling party has also decided to come up with a counter-narrative and approach masses across the country in coming days.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who is under increased political pressure because of the serious corruption cases against him and his family, would be starting his mass contact campaign on November 12 from Abbottabad, the main city of Hazara Division. There he would give his party policy and present the counter-narrative on the cases as well as his ouster from power.

Sources said that initially the party had come up with the narrative that they would be fighting for establishing the civilian supremacy and sanctity of vote but it had not worked well, and now the party leadership had decided to club it with the development agenda of the party and the well-being of the people of Pakistan.

Former premier would continue to explain his position on how he was shown the door on a trivial matter of holding Aqama(residence certificate) and not on corruption of public money and would also reiterate the stance of conspiracy against him as well as against the people and development of the country.

Sources in the party confirmed to The Nation that Nawaz would up the ante in the coming days and address public rallies to dilute the impression being created by PTI and other political opponents that he was removed on charges of corruption.

The party would continue to cast doubts on the fairness of trial against him in the accountability courts and would highlight the bias of the judiciary against them.

Sources said that since his landing back in the country couple of days back, Nawaz Sharif had held a series of meetings with senior party leadership and secured their approval of the decisions taken in London meeting.

They said that once again the hawks in the party have prevailed and it has been decided that party leadership would come out hard-hitting against the political opponents and also point out the double standards of trial courts as well as superior judiciary against them.

Sources said that it was further decided in the meeting that select party leaders would continue highlighting the flaws in the trial against Sharif family both on media and their public appearance to establish the impression of victimisation of the family by some hidden forces.

It was further decided in these meetings that party leaders would continue approaching the opposition parties irrespective of their noncommittal attitude toward them to manage passage of some essential legislative business before the next general elections.

Sources in the party informed that the detailed plan of public rallies of Nawaz Sharif would be announced later, most probably after the Abbotttabad rally of the ruling PML-N.