KASUR-Sale of substandard spices is at its peak across Kasur city and its surroundings amidst criminal negligence of the district administration, it has been learnt.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that substandard spices i.e. turmeric, red and black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin etc are being sold overtly at different markets of Kasur district.

Due to lack of effective check and appropriate action against the illegal practice by authorities concerned, the food manufacturers are selling spurious spices to public with impunity.

The sale of spices, in fact, gets a sudden boost with the start of winter as people in this season are more eager to consume spicy foods like samosas, pakoras, fish, fast foods, French fries and other food items.

As spices are used in cooking of these edibles, demand for these salty powders rises in the cold season. It provides food manufacturers with an opportunity to fulfill the market needs with the spices which they manufacture under the unhygienic conditions.

These food manufacturers have reportedly established small manufacturing units at their houses where they can prepare substandard foodstuff without being noticed by the food authority officials.

It has been confirmed from different reliable sources that toxic chemicals and colours are used for manufacturing of the spices. They are later sold in markets, especially at hotels like hot cakes because they are cheaper to purchase and more 'suitable' for hotel owners than quality salts for cooking of foods. Meals, cooked in such spices, are undoubtedly injurious for health.

There are several reports, revealing that people had fallen victim to gastrointestinal diseases and digestive disorders due to frequent consumption of meals cooked in spurious spices.

Worse yet, the health and food authority officials have turned a blind eye to the grave situation. It seems they have let the food manufacturers play with public health.

Political and social circles of Kasur district demanded Deputy Commissioner Saira Umar take notice of the malpractice and award exemplary punishment to the culprits.