LAHORE   -  Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has said that it is appalled at the government’s failure to preserve the writ of the state and the sanctity of the rule of law during three days of street violence perpetrated by far-right religious-political groups Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) who opposed the Supreme Court’s acquittal of Aasia Bibi.

In a statement issued on Sunday, HRCP said, “It is a travesty that injustice should have followed so closely on the heels of justice – in this case, a verdict issued by the highest court in the land. Aasia Bibi has been thrust from acquittal to uncertainty, fear for her life and fear for the lives of her family.”

“What was hailed as a landmark judgement and a human rights victory unraveled into a situation in which there was no distinction between the peaceful right to dissent and the thuggery of mobs who claimed a ‘moral right’ to wreak public havoc, to attack citizens and law enforcement personnel, to wantonly destroy property and to incite hatred against religious minorities. “

“HRCP is seriously concerned at how quickly the government capitulated to the demands of extremist-led mobs, despite its earlier vow to preserve the writ of the state,” the statement added.

“HRCP strongly urges the government to take an unequivocal and consistent stand against groups and individuals that have no qualms about employing violent, extra constitutional means to have their way,” concluded the statement.