An anti-terrorist court (ATC) on Monday awarded a life sentence to Syed Ali Hassan, on the charge of killing three religious scholars.

According to the court record, the three other suspects, Haider Ali, Asghar Kaka and Wajahat, were acquitted as the prosecution failed to prove charges against them.

According to the prosecution, Syed Ali Hassan, Haider Ali, Asghar kaka and Wajahat had killed 60-year-old Karachi Jamia Banuri Uloom Islamia senior scholar Mufti Abdul Majeed Deenpuri, along with fellow scholar 45-year-old Mohammad Saleh, and driver Hassan Shah, 27, at Shahrah-e-Faisal in 2013.

After conducting the trail, the ATC judge convicted Syed Ali Hassan under section 324 of the Pakistan penal code, handing him down life imprisonment. Some 12 witnesses were presented by the prosecution during the hearing.

Police said that the convict and the accused involved in the murder of scholars belonged to Muttehida Quami Movement (London group) and had been arrested by the Rangers during the Karachi operation.