Pakistan ‘s economy is akin to a patient suffering from terminal ailment like cancer requiring best professional medical treatment by oncologists to bring it out of critical situation and hopefully on way to recovery. Fate of such a patient would be doomed if instead of oncologist he was to be treated by hospital administrators, pharmacists and dentists.

While it is unfortunate that PTI has been deprived of qualified and experienced politicians like Jehangir Tareen, there is abundance of qualified specialists in economics, science, technology, health etc in this country. Most of them are apolitical. Just like doomed cancer patient, Pakistan ‘s economy has been handled for several years by civil bureaucrats, trained in administrative skills. The rapid advance in every field in past two decades exceeds those made during past two centuries. Gone are the days where bureaucrats or retired khakis could acquire required knowledge through briefings and become capable to make policy decision. The result of these follies scare us and Pakistan today faces debacles in every filed. Public sector corporations like PIA, Railways etc which were once pride of this country have been reduced to white elephants because of incompetent corrupt political cronies and retired controversial officers placed at helm.

PTI ‘s Finance Asad Umar leads a team which consists of civil servants trained for administrative assignments instead of qualified and experienced economists. These civil servants were part of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar ‘s team, and are responsible for driving this country to verge of bankruptcy. Whether it is tax evasion, rising debts or money laundering, these occurred under watch of these jack of all trades. If PTI in its wisdom has chosen to appoint the ‘cooks that spoiled the broth’ in first instance, than that reflects on incapability of PTI.


Lahore, October 23.