Islamabad   -   The federal government has not paid conveyance charges for the late-sitting to its BS-1 to 16 employees for the past three months, mainly because of financial constraints.

Either of financial constraints or the policy shift of the present regime, majority of BS-1 to 16 employees are deprived of their late sitting allowance since inception of the new government, official source told The Nation here on Sunday.

Majority of the non-gazetted employees working in the federal ministries and divisions have not received their conveyance charges for the late sitting since August and there is no official word on the delay, said the source.

The previous government of PML-N had upward revised the conveyance charges of BS-1 to 16 employees by 50% for late sitting, with an effect from July 1, 2018.

The raise was applicable to all the officials of the federal government from BS-1 to 16 (non-gazetted) excluding drivers and dispatch riders.

The rates are applied to all federal government employees including civilians paid from the defence estimates.

According the rules, BS-1 to 16 officials were getting Rs150 per day for late sitting on working days and Rs190 per day on holidays.

The PML-N government upward revised it to Rs225 per day for working days and Rs285 per day for holidays.

The officials received their increased allowance during the interim government but after coming to power, the present government stopped paying the allowance to majority of the officials.

“I used to get my late sitting allowance with my salary but since August I have not received any conveyance charges,” said an official of the Planning ministry.

“I was told by my boss that now I will not get my allowance every month but after intervals,” he said.

Some of the officials working in the Planning ministry have received it but majority are waiting, he said.

“Some of our colleagues have received their allowances for the month of August but I didn’t receive it yet”, an official working in finance division said.

When asked about the reason that why some officials have received their late sitting allowance for the month of August and not the others, the official said that if you are working with high officials, it’s easy to get such favours.

“I don’t know the reason why but my boss has yet not forwarded my request for the release of my dues for the previous 3 months,” said the official.