Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances has disposed of 3,633 cases by last month due to personal efforts of its president Justice retired Javed Iqbal.

According to a statement of the commission, a total number of cases were 5,507 and now only 1,874 are pending.

The missing person commission of inquiry on enforced disappearances during the month of October 2018 disposed of 78 cases and now total balance numbers of cases are 1874 up to October 31, 2018.

The missing person commission has conducted 537 hearings, 243 hearings in Islamabad, 66 in Lahore and 228 in Karachi during October 2018.

The efforts of Justice Mr Javed Iqbal, President of the National Commission for Enforced Disappearances and other members have been appreciated as the commission has recovered 3633 missing persons upto October 31, 2018, besides ensuring their safe return to their homes.

As president of the commission of inquiry on enforced disappearances, Justice Javed Iqbal not only gave a personal hearing to each family of missing persons but also tries his utmost for their earliest recovery of missing persons.