MULTAN - Nishtar Medical University (NMU) has started offering institutional practice on subsided rates in wake of economic and social conditions of patients at OPD.

NMU vice chancellor Dr Mustafa Kanmal Pasha told this agency that the varsity has taken the decision keeping in view those class of people who wanted to avoid rush and hustle free check-up privately from senior doctors on instructions of Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid and the Health Department.

He informed that professor, associate professors, assistant professor of different departments of NMU would be available at Outpatient department (OPD) from 3pm to 7pm, adding that two mobile numbers would be fixed for appointments in this connection.

A professors who charges Rs1,500 in market will charge Rs1200, an associate prof Rs1,000 instead of Rs1200 and an assistant prof will offer services at Rs8,00 per patient under institutional practice at Nishtar Hospital, the VC said and added they would get only 50 percent of the fee while rest of 50 percent would be spent on infrastructure development of the NMU besides payment of a reasonable share to paramedics.

To a question, Dr Mustafa Kamal Pasha replied that Rs30,000 would be charged for a surgery which normally Rs50,000 in private hospitals.

To another question, he stated that the patients would be referred to family ward for other tests and procedures after medical examination if required.

It was govt wish as well as NMU admin plan to offer this service to patients which has been materialized now.

To yet another question, the VC replied that he has not asked to opt in and opt out to senior doctors who are going to be retired shortly, adding that he wishes their cooperation so that patients could benefit from their experience.

He disclosed that government has a plan to add bonus of Rs100,000 to salaries of those senior doctors who would offer their services for institutional services which is yet to be announced.

To another question, he informed that they examined four patients on first day of the start of the practice, adding that in first phase, he has not made of list of doctors for option (opt) in and opt out.

"Head of Anaesthesia Department Dr Munir Ahmed Chaudhry is overseeing the institutional practice, he informed.