The diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China have been strengthened by the commitment to the 15 accords that have been signed. This shows China’s vision for development in Pakistan and helping revive the economy, especially to provide a safe and business-friendly environment to complement the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). These accords range from agriculture, economy, law enforcement, and technology. The vast planning of different sectors of the Pakistani society will give the concerned sectors the required push and that will help stabilise revenue generation and foreign direct investment (FDI).

The plans laid out by the two government are in complete sync with the policies of the government of the time. Their first promise after coming to power was the focus on human development in the country to ensure that a huge chunk of the population is not alienated during decision making and can benefit from the development in the country, rather than not being able to afford it. Plans to eradicate poverty and drug trafficking are vital in this regard. Innovation is also very important in a country like Pakistan where the population explosion is bound to affect the limited resources and the growing burden on the government. Officials now need to come up with innovative ideas to tackle the problems at hand, which can be done by encouraging entrepreneurship in the country.

The greater focus is also on youth exchanges and cultural affiliations. Pakistani society has been closed off for quite some time and especially after the recent lockdown, an influx of diversity and its acceptance is very important. This helps improve the outlook of the people and opens the doors of society to the world, which is an intelligent way to build up any country’s soft power.

Economic aid that was expected out of this tour is still pending, however, the Chinese officials have clarified that Pakistan will get economic aid. The framework of this aid needs to be finalised, but it is in the works. This news alone shows how the country can expect betterment in the future and work out policies which will last beyond the tenure. The cooperation between Pakistan and China is very crucial for the region. One aspect which needs working right now is the visa policy of China for Pakistanis. Countries sharing a border and such a mega scale project can benefit from such a development which makes mobility easier.