On Tuesday, the police raided the Saleem Shar village in Khairpur district after being informed of a child marriage in the village.

According to police, a child was being married to a 38 year old man in the village. 

The brother of the bridegroom and the groom himself was arrested during the raid, while police have registered cases against four, including the groom, the groom's brother, a relative of the groom thought to have been responsible for arranging the marriage, and the father of the child-bride.

In spite of legislation being passed in Sindh criminalizing child marriages, such cases continue to be reported, and are often done with endorsement from police and religious authorities.

The Sindh provincial government was the first in Pakistan to set the legal bar for women to marry at age 18 in 2013. Since then, both houses of parliament have deemed 18 as the legal age for women to marry.

This means that all marriages that occur with brides under the age of 18 will be considered illegal, as all girls under the age of 18 - regardless of how far below they are under that bar - will be considered as minors by the state of Pakistan.