The first round of talks between government’s negotiation committee and opposition’s Rehbar Committee on Tuesday ended with no progress on either side.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Defence Minister and head of the government’s committee Pervaiz Khattak revealed that the majority of the demands of the Rahber Committee have heen met. 

 He said that Rehbar committee must talk to its leaders as the government was always ready for dialogue.

"We are trying to find middle way as this is the only way to end the stalemate”, Khattak said

The Head of the Rehbar Committee Akram Durrani on the occasion, however,  said that the JUI-F was "firmly sticking"  to its demands, especially that of the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan and new elections.

PM Khan had earlier said that the government was ready to accept the opposition’s legal demands, if legitimate under the law and constitution, and if the opposition was willing to come to the negotiating table.