ISLAMABAD       -       Where many businesses seem perturbed about the unrest caused by the JUI-F sit-in in Islamabad, there are also some businesses which are taking this situation as an opportunity to facilitate this massive crowd through their services.

The immobility and misconnection across the capital due to the blockade of main roads, has stressed most of the businesses in Islamabad. Every shopkeeper is disturbed by the itsy-bitsy customer they receive these days and the loss they had to bear because of it.

However, there are also some businesses which are taking this gigantic crowd of protesters as an opportunity. The H-9 area where the tens of thousands are surfaced, one can also see stalls of different commodities like tea, bread, chicken-tikka, karahi, juice, fruits, sweaters, blankets, bags etc. 

Talking to The Nation, most of the vendors stated that they wanted to help the protesters by offering them their services at negligible prices. 

Syed Naveed Shah who works at Shah Jee Tikka House G-8 said, “I sell one tikka seekh for Rs180 in G-8, I am selling it here at Rs120. I want to facilitate these people who are far from their homes.”

Another vendor, Tanveer, selling tea told The Nation, “Yesterday half of our milk got wasted, but we are here till they (protesters) are here. We will provide the JUI-F protesters with every service they require.” He also stated that the government policies and the hiking inflation had already finished life for a poor man and so, by facilitating these protesters they may get rid of these policies and governance.

Wholesalers from Raja Bazaar and other markets have also sent vendors to the area where this protest is being held.

The protesters on the other hand, also came fully prepared. This correspondent was offered bread by Anayat Ullah, one of the protesters who also claimed that they had carried every basic commodity which could last for months. Anayat Ullah from Balochistan stated, “This bread is special, we made it at our home and it can last for three months at least without getting rotten. We have a good amount of it.”

The protesters claimed that they are behind their leader and can carry the protest for a whole year if commanded.