Rawalpindi      -   An overseas Pakistani, a committed supporter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is compelled to run from pillar to post to save his property from a retired land revenue officer, who allegedly tampered demarcations to confiscate his land.

Tahir Alam Khan, aged 60 shows his picture with Imran Khan taken in 1996 when he donated Rs500,000 to Shuakat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

“I am heartbroken with the government as it broke my dreams too,” he said with grief.

Tahir Alam Khan who spent more than 25 years serving outside the country is now employed in Bahrain and supported PTI since its inception.

When I met chairman PTI Imran Khan in 1996 and donated Rs500,000 for Shuakat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, he grabbed my arm and asked me to sit beside him to take this photograph. 

More than three decades passed. Imran Khan has become Prime Minister but I feel disheartened as nothing on ground has changed for me and I am running to save my own land from land revenue department.

Showing land documents he said that his forefathers before 1901 donated a piece of land to a school in his native village of Nikku in the district Rawalpindi, and now the local PTI leadership and land department is trying to deprive him from his own land.

“My affection for PTI and Imran Khan started with donation of Rs500,000 but now under the ruling set-up I am being deprived of manifolds the amount I had donated,” he said.

Tahir Alam narrating his love and hate relationship with PTI said that it is hard to believe that same corrupt faces are working and an overseas Pakistani is suffering at their hands.

He said in all previous demarcations my land of around 15 marlas goes straight with the school boundary, but the land revenue officers backed by local PTI leadership is changing the boundaries now.

“It is all because they want to take precious land along with school in their possession and use it for commercial purpose,” he alleged.

Showing documents he said that school has all of its land in possession but my land is a golden opportunity for the land grabbers and they use school as shield.

He said that unfortunately the land department sends a retired officer for demarcation which is unauthorised to do this job.

“I remain 11 months abroad and one month in Pakistan which is spent saving my property,” he said.

Tahir said that he feels he lost trust in the sitting government too who promised saving earnings of overseas Pakistanis.  “Who will come to invest when a committed worker like me becomes hopeless,” he said.

The former land officer Chaudhry Mushtaq when contacted admitted that he is retired from the department and law does not allow him for services.

“But I worked in this area for many years so tehsil office hires my services for demarcation,” he said.

He also denied that there was any wrongdoing done with the demarcation in the record.

“There is no issue in record,” he said.