LAHORE - The condition of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif remained unstable on Monday with fluctuation in his blood sugar level due to the intake of steroids. Although there has been no increase in the platelets count of the ex-PM under treatment at Services Hospital for the last 14 days, and remain static at 40,000, the really worrying aspect is the management of co-morbidities like cardiac, kidney problems and persistent high blood sugar.  The Special Medical Board (SMB), headed by Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Principal Professor Mehmood Ayyaz, examined Nawaz on Monday, checked his medical reports and took fresh samples for further clinical assessment. Dr Adnan Khan, personal physician of the ex-PM, also accompanied senior consultants in different specialties. The Board confirmed that blood sugar of Nawaz before breakfast was 150. It decided to continue administering insulin to him for controlling high sugar level. It also decided to continue the use of steroids in order to improve the platelets count. The Board members agreed to discontinue administering blood thinning medicines to the former prime minister.

In order to ensure accurate platelets count, the Board is carrying out tests of one sample from three different laboratories, Sir Agha Khan, Chughtai and the ones at SIMS.

Professor Mehmood Ayyaz said that the Sharif family had not requested the authorities to shift Nawaz from Services Hospital to any private health facility. He said that multiple complications were hampering efforts to increase former prime minister’s platelets count.