Civil servants play an important role for serving the country in a better manner. A country can step forward towards the development and advancement when its leaders are skilled workers, honest, serious and deal every citizen equally. Because responsible and honest servants can be remembered in shape of life. It is important to noted that the civil servants are required to know and understand their responsibilities in an outstanding way. They should be knowledgeable, educated so that they should better handle the situations. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “There are three kinds of judges out of which two groups would go to help is comprised of those judges who know law but do not decide with justice. The second group of help consists of those judges who do not know law but still adjudicate cases. The only group that would go to paradise is those judges who know law and dispose of cases with justice.” It is the responsibility of civil servants to do justice honestly so that the country can step forward towards the development. If the leaders are honest them the citizens can bring unity and peace on their surroundings. It is must for everyone to be honest and responsible.