Recently, I went to most renowned hospitals of Karachi with my critically ill cousin. He needed emergency services. I was shocked to hear the same answer from each hospital that we are out of beds to accommodate your patient in emergency ward as limited numbers of beds are already occupied. From this situation, we can clearly understand the alarming condition of our health sector. However, we were lucky enough to have residential facility in Karachi where we managed to acquire first aid medical services at home.

Let’s talk about common people now, people who hail from other cities and do not have shelter or sufficient financial capability. How can they survive in an exotic city? What if patient’s condition becomes more severe? Who would be there to help them? Unfortunately, as always, all these questions would remain unanswered.

Therefore, it is imperative for incumbent government to address this issue on priority basis. First, the number of hospitals should be increased in every city with trained medical staff and doctors. Second, increasing pressure of patients must be minimized from specific hospitals. Third, state must take necessary steps to improve deteriorated conditions of state-owned hospitals so that nation’s lost faith on government hospitals may recover. Finally, subsequent changes must be brought about in every hospital as per rising trend of population in country.