The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has launched an e-portal to facilitate students at their doorstep. It is undoubtedly excellent work. But there exist many problems related to the e-portal account. It suddenly gets locked repeatedly, which is a cause of great concern to students.

Recently, the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship was opened for registration. But owing to the e-portal issue, a large number of financially poor candidates are unable to get registered. Many of my friends felt deprived and complained on the HEC ticket number given by HEC for resolution of problems. It, however, goes in vain.

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the country`s largest scholarship programme namely Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship for 200,000 financially backward students. However, it is deemed that no proper accountability is there. Even rich officers` offsprings are given the scholarship because of nepotism. Additionally, thousands of poor and financially constrained students do not apply because of the e-portal account issue. It is indubitably true that poor students have poor social contact with the internet and its facilities. Consequently, they fail to get their problems resolved.

Therefore we request HEC Authorities to keep the e-portal account accessible for all. The issues of repeatedly locking accounts should be resolved. There should also be proper accountability of candidates applying for Ehsaas Scholarship.