Katlang-President Malgari Ustazan Mardan (MUM) Usman Sangar on Wednesday expressed concern over delay in finalising at least 185 CT departmental promotions in district Mardan. 

Addressing a news conference at Katlang Press Club, he said that promotions were due for the last three months, but unfortunately, there was no progress on the part of the concerned authorities. 

“The Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) has already completed the process required for promotion, but due to the delaying tactics by the Directorate of Education, the departmental promotions have not been finalised,” he said. 

Rejecting the e-transfer policy, he said the authorities could achieve better results by taking timely decisions in education department whereas delaying tactics could ruin the whole education system. He said delay in PST and DM promotions was not only affecting education but also creating unrest among teachers. 

He said according to the court decision, SST should be given basic pay scale 17, while those teachers recruited through NTS and FTS should be made permanent forthwith.