ISLAMABAD    -  Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (R) Javed Iqbal has said that the business community is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. He said this during a meeting with Mir Naveed Baloch, President Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, Balochistan. 

He said that NAB has great respect for the business community which is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. He said income tax and sales tax cases of the business community have already been referred to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The NAB chief also said that special desks have already been established in NAB headquarters and regional offices to facilitate the business community.

He said that the country is facing huge loans and one is surprised where the money had been spent as the economy was in a shambles, no beds in hospitals, students are being denied admissions in universities and colleges.

He said NAB was pursuing the cases of the people who were penniless 1980, but today they owned multi-storey buildings; from where they got the money, especially a bike riding person in the past has amassed wealth and made towers in Dubai today. NAB is taking action against all those as per laws who remained in government, were untouchables in the past and are now being questioned about their illegal actions, misuse of authority, assets beyond known sources of income, money laundering and loss to national exchequer.

He said that NAB is making allout efforts to eradicate corruption from the society without caring about powerful and big fish having allegedly unprecedented stories on their credit.

He said that NAB does not take a direct action in bank default cases but State Bank of Pakistan refers cases to NAB. Banks take action against businessmen in case of default.

The Chairman NAB said that investigation of white collar crimes is a very challenging talk as the crime was committed in one city and property exists somewhere else in the country but NAB officers are working with the realization that eradication of corruption from the country is their national duty.

Criticizing fake housing societies, he said that the illegal housing societies have plundered the poor persons by posting alluring advertisements despite having no or little land. He said that NAB had taken notice of the alleged corruption and irregularities in the allotment of industrial and commercial plots by the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority.

The alleged illegal allotment has caused million of rupees losses to the national kitty. The Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority has not only jeopardized the economic development of the province.  

He said that Gwadar is the gateway of Pakistan’s development. Economic development activities in Gwadar will indeed be helpful for progress and prosperity of Balochistan as well as Pakistan.

The Chairman NAB said that providing legal investment opportunities to keen investors in Gwadar projects are the basic requirements of economic progress in the region.

He said that he will visit Balochistan and subsequently will visit Gawadar where he will have briefings on the spot to know the factual position about the notices issued to GEDA and GDA.

Earlier, Mir Naveed Baloch, President Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, Gawadar, apprised the Chairman NAB of the problems of the business community of Gwadar.

He appreciated Justice Javed Iqbal’s efforts for eradication of corruption as well as addressing problems of business community as per law and assured his full support for NAB’s firm resolve for eradication of corruption from Pakistan so that the dream of corruption-free Pakistan could be metalized through collective efforts of all segments of society.