Portland-Demonstrators burned US flags and marched through Portland armed with protest songs and assault rifles as a confusing election night unfolded to high tension but without violence in the northwestern city.

The liberal enclave in the state of Oregon had braced for possible armed clashes after months of divisive rallies involving left-wing activists, right-wing militias and federal officers deployed by the Trump administration.

As President Donald Trump claimed he won the US election early Wednesday, despite key states still counting ballots, activists gathered outside the Portland federal courthouse -- the epicenter of the summer’s fraught anti-racism protests. 

“We don’t like either candidate -- I shamefully voted for Biden -- but if Trump gets another four years people will be mad,” said one 20-year-old protester, who asked to be called “L,” as two American flags were ignited in front of the building.

Many at the courthouse shouted slogans against Trump as well as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, a bogeyman for anti-police protesters who won re-election Tuesday, while others danced and twerked to loud hip-hop music.