LAHORE   -  Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to make electricity cheaper for the industrial sector would help boost the country’s industries. 

In his tweet, Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that in the current situation when the world was in recession, Prime Minister Imran Khan with his far-sighted policies yielding positive results, Pakistan’s economy was booming and investment was increasing day-by-day.

He said the decision would prove to be a breakthrough for the sector, increasing employment and exports and the country would soon stand on its own two feet in a stable manner. He said the country’s leading industrialists and independent observers have appreciated the current policies of the government. 

Aleem said the profit of Rs 5.3 billion in the cement industry alone was a new record while the 22 percent increase in the export of pharmaceuticals was also encouraging. 

He said that by the grace of Allah Almighty, Pakistan was moving towards a brighter future, adding that due to the initiatives taken by the present government for the industrial sector, the country was moving in the right direction and it was certain that the next three years, success and prosperity would be achieved. 

Aleem said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has lead the country on the right track as per his promises and 50 percent relief in electricity rates to the sector was a historic step about which every patriot Pakistani was happy.