Rawalpindi-Police have installed PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras at crime pockets on the directions of City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ahsan Younas, informed a spokesman on Wednesday.

Installation of cameras will help in surveillance of suspicious vehicles, persons and activities in the area, he said. He added it will also help to monitor the flow of traffic. The cameras have features of 360 degree Rotation, night vision display and zooming. Mechanism has also been established to monitor the footages 24/7 in integrated command and control room in CPO and the backup of footages will also be saved, he said. According to him, on the directions and vision of CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas, in order to introduce latest technology in policing and to enhance professionalism, Rawalpindi Police has installed high definition PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras at crime pockets.  Initially, these cameras have been installed in the areas of Dubai Plaza and Commercial Market. The cameras are being utilised to keep close eye over the suspicious persons, vehicles and activities in the concerning areas while they are also being used to monitor the flow of traffic by the police. Latest cameras have features to rotate on 360 degree to capture any movement, night vision and zooming to identify the objects such as person’s face or number plate of the vehicle. The footages of these cameras are being monitored 24/7 through integrated command and control room established in City Police Office with the backup saved.  CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas said on the occasion that introduction of latest technology for better policing and to enhance professionalism will continue. Installation of latest cameras at crime pockets will not only help in monitoring suspicious activities in the area but will also help to keep a close check on the criminal elements and will support in eradicating crime in the area. 

Such cameras will be installed in other crime pockets too for the purpose, the spokesman said.