ISLAMABAD-A bizarre turtle that is bright yellow has been spotted in a village pond in West Bengal, India. The rare animal is afflicted with a form of albinism which affects its coloration and has been compared online to melted cheese on a burger. It belongs to a rare species called the Indian flap shell turtle. SnehaDharwadka posted images of the turtle on Twitter and suggested two potential explanations for its bizarre coloration. ‘It’s an albino kind whose peculiar yellow color is may be because of either some genetic mutation or congenital disorder due to absence of tyrosine pigment,’ he says. The Indian flap shell turtle, which is normally green, is typically found in South Asia and is between 9 to 14 inches long. In August, a similar animal of the same species was discovered in Nepal. At the time it was compared to a mythological incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. These two events make up just the fifth and sixth sightings of albinism in this species.