KARACHI   -   One of the senior most child specialists of the country, Prof Nizam-ul-Hasan passed away on Wednesday, leaving behind a widow, Dr Razia Hasan, and thousands of children who managed to survive against cancer due to tireless efforts of the selfless soul and his team. Dr Nizam-ul-Hasan, born in 1931, was a Dow graduate who did his specialisation in pediatrics from UK and returned back to the country, in 1950s, joining the children department at Jinnah Hospital (later upgraded as Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre). He had the honour to be the first full-fledged director of National Institute of Child Health (NICH), one of its kinds of dedicated medical care facility for children in our part of the world. The pediatrician who remained active till his last breath, soon after his retirement from government service took upon himself the cause to help treat cancer among local children, particularly those belonging to families with little resources. The work that he initiated through the platform of Child Aid Association did turn into a major relief for affected children from across the country. A major achievement of Dr Nizam was his success in developing a team of dedicated doctors and qualified personnel from related fields. While helping children to survive the cancer, he firmly believed that a strong campaign was required to protect kids vulnerable to the infection and help them have a quality life mainly possible through poverty eradication.