Peshawar    -  Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter Senior Vice President Intikhab Chamkani, disagreeing with the present narrative of his party, said that targeting state institutions was not in the interest of the country. 

Addressing a news conference here at Press Club on Wednesday, Intikhab Chamkani said that PML-N was an ideological political party working for the prosperity and development, besides strengthening democracy in the country. 

Flanked by party’s provincial vice-president Fazlullah, provincial organizer Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, deputy secretary information Rafia Saeed, Azmat Khan and Zakaullah, he said the country was currently confronted with various challenges including price hike and could not afford aimless criticism on state institutions. He said: “If we fight with each other on petty issues and continue criticising state institutions including Army and establishment, it will serve no purpose rather than to please the anti-state forces and democracy will ultimately suffer.” 

The PML-N leader said that he disagreed with the present narrative of the party against the Army. He said our security forces had rendered matchless sacrifices in war against terror and restored peace, law and order in the country. 

He urged the party leadership to utilise their energies to strengthen democratic institutions. He suggested the party leadership to perform the role of an active and responsible opposition by making constructive criticism on the government for resolution of people’s problems and addressing the existing challenges confronted by the country. “My voice of dissent does not mean that I have left PML-N,” he said and added that he would continue to work for strengthening the party. 

In reply to a question, Chamkani said he would participate in the upcoming Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) public meeting in Peshawar. He said holding anti-government rallies was the due right of the opposition parties and the government should not create any hurdle in its way.