I see numerous letters on newspapers requesting the government to abolish the B.Ed degree, with the students of many departments demanding the abolishment of B.Ed degree on social media on a daily basis. Their view is that finishing the B.Ed degree will be a great source of prosperity in the education system of Sindh because teachers are not well-educated accordingly. They demand one year of teaching training after being recruited for teaching job without a B.Ed degree.

Being a student of B.Ed department, I have realised many things that I want to share after this trend on social media. Firstly, B.Ed degree is a program of four years where students are trained for teaching pragmatically; two years of starting are called “Associated Degree In Education(ADE)”, and last two years are of M.Ed/B.Ed (Bachelors in Education). There are eight semesters in which there are deferent subjects according to teaching skills.

The subjects taught in the B.Ed degree are the following: child development, the general method of teaching, Islamiat, Math, Urdu, English, social studies, art and craft and calligraphy, computer literacy, information communication and technology, classroom assessment, school community, and finally an all-practicum, where subject students are sent to private or government schools in groups with one teacher where students practise their lesson plans and prepare their required portfolio of the practicum subject. Considering the vast variety of subjects offered, how then is the B.Ed degree not playing its role?

B.Ed degree requirements must be kept in all teaching grades as it creates great affluence in the education system. Those who let loose its idea against the degree on social media are themselves jobless in their own departments. MBBS’s students can not go for an engineering job; students can not become a doctor after studying Pakistan Studies. Similarly, other departments’ students can not be a teacher unless they are abled in teaching skills through the B.Ed program. There are a lot of government lecturers and professors in the education department who are giving training and taking salaries. If the authority does not require this degree in teaching jobs then why does this four-year program exit? If the government abolishes this degree, it will severely affect the education system of the country, and consequently the literacy rate.