WASHINGTON (Agencies) - A group of American master trainers will arrive in Pakistan soon to give special training to Frontier Corps in order to fight more effectively against militants in tribal areas of Pakistan. In an interview with ABC News, Pentagon spokesmen Geoff Morrell said the group of commandos would come to Pakistan in next couple of weeks. He said the group of commandos were much awaited and now would go to Pakistan to train selected Frontier Corps, later these trained FC personnel will train other security personnel. Spokesmen informed that the group would be comprised of 25 commandos which may include commandos from Britain along with US commandos. He appreciated Pakistan's commitment against war on terror and said that it will benefit Pakistan to get training from foreign specialised troops. Geoff Morrell said that the first small group of trainers will arrive in Pakistan in the "next couple of weeks." He says their role will be to "train the trainers," small numbers of Pakistani trainers who will then go into the tribal areas to train the Frontier Corps. Since early this year, Pentagon officials have been privately and publicly urging Pakistan's government to accept the training teams. But Pakistani officials have been hesitant citing domestic political concerns and instead requested additional weapons and equipment that seem more suited for a conventional fight with India than a counterinsurgency fight in the tribal areas. Sending advisors to train the Frontier Corps is part of a Pentagon push to improve the fighting capability of the Frontier Corps which has often been described as a rag-tag force unable to meet the security needs of the tribal regions. This year the US has already spent $25 million to equip the Frontier Corps with new body armor and other communications equipment. For next year, the Pentagon will spend $70 million on the Frontier Corps, $40 million for improving their communication networks and the rest to equip the troops. An additional $5 million will be provided by the State Department to assist with counter-narcotics efforts. The number of US military personnel at any given time in Pakistan is less than 50, most of them assigned to a US military liaison office in Islamabad. Those numbers increase slightly when small numbers of personnel arrive for training exercises with the Pakistani military.