LAHORE - Renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has expressed his deep concern about the future of the country and the national interests. "God protected the independence and sovereignty of Pakistan by making it a nuclear power, but we, the Pakistanis, held a begging bowl in our hand and took to running for alms. The US has made it a routine act to attack our sovereignty." Dr Khan said this in an exclusive conversation with the Nawa-i-Waqt/TheNation on Saturday. He said that in fact the terrorist activities had been devised to influence our nuclear programme and our stance on Kashmir. "Over 160 million people of Pakistan must know why our nuclear programme is a touchy point for the US. The apparent reason is that our nuclear capability guarantees our self-respect and autonomy but we have made it our weakness," he opined. He stressed upon the people of Pakistan to rise to the occasion and realise the gravity of the situation rather than keeping silent or harp in tune with the rulers. He said that US would continue to give us dictation so long as we continue to take it. "US attacks our sovereignty in spite of repeated assurances of honouring it, in fact aim at testing whether our rulers and the nation are awake or not. Pakistan is being surrounded, but it is our badluck that the nation is being made to scare rather than being prepared to face the situation." He said that it is imperative to make the world aware who the real terrorists are.