After Lt. General (R) Jamshed Gulzar Kayani, Lt Gen (R) Shahid Aziz has also spoken against General Pervaiz Musharraf for doing things on his own without listening to the advice given to him by his corps commanders. The government service, be it civil or military, is based on a very sound foundation; one is an employee of the state and not of any individual. Looking back at history, we can find many instances of individuals who had taken a stand against their superiors when they asked them to go against the rules. The problem with most of our government servants is that they tend to become 'private servants'. That systematically destroys the very fabric of their institutions. Talking of morality and bypassing of rules after retirement sounds a bit hollow if you obeyed tamely when in service. -DR IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 20.