Ahsan Shakeel warns of the impending danger from global warning but misses the point about Pakistan. With its total reliance on thermal power obtained from burning fossil fuels like oil and coal, Pakistan is adding a considerable bit to the greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. A country like Pakistan that is blessed with great rivers meandering through world's highest mountain ranges affords innumerable 'ideal' sites for dams. We must go for realizing our hydel potential to the maximum and get thousands of watts of clean energy and much-needed water from these dams. The objection that reservoirs displace people becomes insignificant when one considers the displacement of vast numbers in the coastal areas because of global warming. At an extreme, Al Gore tells in his 'Inconvenient Truth', that with the melting of big chunks of the Greenland and Antarctica icecaps, the seas will rise by 20 feet. This calamity is expected to occur by end of the century unless a total ban on fossil fuel burning is imposed worldwide. Please make it a point to watch Al Gore's DVD. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, September 19.