LAHORE - The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has blamed America for destroying Pakistan in the disguise of war on terror and that the rulers are fully backing its agenda. Secretary general JI Syed Munawar Hassan Saturday strongly condemning the Nato air-strikes and missile attacks on the innocent people of tribal areas said the US was bent upon destroying Pakistan and the Pak rulers were acting on its beck and call to execute its agenda hence they both were out to destroy the country. He said since the civil government took over, the US air attacks on the tribal areas had been multiplied and the government instead of taking any effective and result-oriented efforts was itself killing the people to magnify the problems of the tribal masses. He said it was highly regrettable that apart of other weapons, heavy artillery and jet planes were also being used to kill the innocent people including women and children, in the tribal areas. Munawar Hassan said so far thousands of people had become shelter-less and refugees in their own country. He said it was no more a secret that in tribal areas, America, Russia and India were as a unit, creating a situation to destabilise Pakistan and the evidence were also available to show intelligence of these states involved in creating unrest in that region. But the rulers, he said, were totally reluctant to name them and instead they were laying blames on the taliban to own up American war as theirs so that no finger could be raised on the foreign intelligence agencies. American and Indian designs vis-a-vis Pakistan, he said, were not a secret to anyone. The JI leader demanded of the government to discuss the American war on tenor in the Assembly and a concrete solution must be found out. He said, "The US is losing war in Afghanistan and the situation is arisen where even Hamid Karzai with the backing of the Nato forces, was inviting Mullah Umar to rule and this amply demonstrates that American machinery was losing the battle and it was now eating the dust." The JI leader said the Afghan war had broken the backbone of the American economy but our rulers were taking to themselves responsibility for it. He said, "What America has designed in future for Pakistan is getting into limelight through the statement of the presidential candidates in the elections who have focused Pakistan for their entire campaign." He expressed surprise over the statements made by the US vice presidential candidates on both divide that an unstable Pakistan and a nuclear Iran were most dangerous which can attack Israel, and said they were sufficient to open eyes of the rulers. He called for immediate alienation from the American policies of destabilising Pakistan otherwise they would lead Pakistan to a sheer destruction.