UK pop and rock stars are taking action to try to gain ownership and control of their work from record labels. Robbie Williams, Radiohead, Kaiser Chiefs and The Verve are among the acts who have signed up to a new pressure group, the Featured Artists' Coalition. It wants artists to keep the rights to the music they create and to have a greater say in how their songs are sold - and a bigger slice of the takings. It is a sign of a shift in power in the music industry in the digital age. In the last 12 months, big names have seen their options multiply after a string of stars shunned traditional record contracts and found new ways of releasing music. At the same time, many acts have felt they have been ignored when their record labels and music publishers have struck new digital deals. A spokesperson from the BPI - the body that represents the UK's recorded music business - said it was "looking forward" to working with the coalition. "The UK music business is a complex community that binds performers, songwriters, promoters, managers, agents, record labels, publishers, distributors, manufactures and retailers. "No one part of the business can function without the other. This is a business under huge external pressure, and we are stronger united. "The creators themselves - featured artists, session musicians and songwriters lie right at the heart of this business, and we look forward to working closely with FAC in the future." The Featured Artists' Coalition's main demands include allowing musicians to keep the copyright to their own music, which could then be leased to record companies.            " BBC