The increase in support price of wheat crop from the existing Rs 625 to 950 per 40 kg is a laudable measure of government for the prosperity of farmers. The common man, who purchases roti for just Rs 2 from Tandoors subsidized by Punjab government is worried, though, about the rise in price of his staple. The government says it would take a hit of Rs 10 billions in order to support price of produce of the farmers countrywide. When journalists asked Prime Minister how it would affect the price of the flour bag, he said it would become clear in the next six months after harvesting of the new crop. The PM also said increase would help curb smuggling by 90 percent because of the leveling of rate with the neighbouring countries. The government should do whatever it can for the betterment of farmers but it must keep in mind the plight of common people as well who are desperate now for some sort of relief in the price of flour and roti. They rightly demand that government should formulate its strategy in such a way that they could get cheap flour post haste. -FARZANA KAUSAR, Lahore, via e-mail, September 30.