National Trust Population Welfare (NATPOW) is an important organization of M/O Population Welfare, which gives funding to NGOs working in remote areas in the field of family planning and community health. For the last three years it is not working at the pace one would expect. Population is a major denominator for all socio-economic development in the country. There is a dire need to reinvigorate efforts on population control by launching crash programme through NGOs to ensure better service delivery, general education and training of the masses for small family. The monitoring and evaluation of the programme would be the next stage. Increasing population is a big threat to our fast depleting resources. Ministry of Population Welfare should review its programmes and adopt new targeted approaches to address ignored communities like urban and rural slum areas and the densely-populated industrial areas in big cities. Simultaneously, awards and incentives must be announced for those who complete their work with positive results. -ADEENA FIAZ, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 19.