BAGHDAD (AFP) - US forces have killed an Al-Qaeda militant who planned some of the biggest bombings in Baghdad and who killed a group of Russian diplomats in 2006, the military said on Saturday. Mahir Ahmad Mahmud al-Zubaydi, also known as Abu Assad or Abu Rami, was killed along with an unidentified woman in Baghdad's Sunni district of Adhamiyah on Friday, a statement said. Intelligence reports led US forces to a building in Adhamiyah where Abu Rami was holed up. The troops came under attack from inside the building and fired back, killing Abu Rami and the woman. The troops later found explosives inside the building and detonated them, according to the statement. The killing of Abu Rami has dealt a severe blow to Al-Qaeda in Baghdad, US spokesman Admiral Patrick Driscoll said. "His removal from the AQI (Al-Qaeda in Iraq) network will send shockwaves through Baghdad's terrorist bombing networks," he said in the statement. The military statement said Abu Rami's group was responsible for suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad on Thursday. Abu Rami was reportedly also responsible for multiple car bombings and mortar attacks in Sadr City in 2006 and 07, including the car bombings on Nov 23, 2006 that killed more than 200 people. Rami was also alleged to have planned and participated in several kidnappings and executions. "In a video recording from June 2006, Abu Rami is seen shooting one of four Russian diplomats," the statement said. Abu Rami had ties to senior leaders of Al-Qaeda in Baghdad and was also responsible for attacks in Baghdad, Salaheddin and Diyala provinces, the statement said.